Printing, Imaging & Displays

Printing, Imaging & Displays

Every organization in today’s world needs to print and scan documents at some time or the other. The print production services market is increasingly competitive. New possibilities in digital printing have increased demands for higher quality at greater speed and reliability. To address this basic institutional requirement, Peak XV have a strong and well-established and experienced Imaging and Printing Solutions.

Our market leading copying and printing products provide dependable, high-quality image reproduction. Our product ranges from compact desktop devices to high-speed digital print systems for standalone or fully networked environments. Our range of Scanners includes workgroup, departmental and production-level scanner categories. Our scanners deliver speed, excellent image quality and great paper handling along with easy integration and compatibility with back office software systems.

Peak XV Networks delivers best choice of office equipment to its customers. Our hardware and software solutions can be blended into a complete document solution specifically designed for clients requirements.


Multifunctional Printers (MFP)

  • Compact design
  • Reduces operating and printing costs
  • Consolidated supplies and maintenance
  • Centralized management
  • Long term ROI

Non-Impact Printers: Ink Jet Printers

  • Supports a wide range of paper types
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Ease of inventory management
  • Lowering the printing cost
  • Power save technology

Non-Impact Printers: Laser Printers

  • Speed & Efficiency at graphics & texts
  • High-Quality output

Impact Printers: Dot-Matrix Printers

  • For retail and distribution industries

To meet the diverse needs of customers, printers can be used in combination with one another to provide an ideal printing environment.

All of the devices we supply are supported by our highly trained team of Engineers and help desk personnel. If you have a machine fault, just calling to our office will make you in touch with member of our team to quickly resolve the issue.


Projection has come a long way from the magic lanterns and overhead Projectors of yesterday. Traditional projection required a large room and also precise setup along with being noisy and expensive.

With modern short throw projection you can place the device on the ground right next to the wall. So they can be used where most Projectors can’t: in tiny meeting rooms, shop windows, even museum displays. These are compact, lightweight and easy to setup. They offer all the flexibility and versatility demanded by today’s agile businesses.

Peak XV Networks offers you bright, sharp imaging projectors from world’s best brands for comfortable viewing in various lighting conditions. We can offer you right from small meeting rooms to medium class rooms to large staging, auditoriums. In terms of picture quality we can provide you up to Full HD cinema resolution.

  • Portable Projectors
  • Installation Projectors
  • Short Throw/Ultra Short Throw Projectors
  • Large Venue Projectors
  • Home Cinema Projectors

Interactive displays/Smart boards

Peak XV Networks offers an interactive LCD/LED screens to customers the ability to customize a system to fit exactly what they need. We have a variety of displays including bare bone touch screen displays all the way up to All-in-one Video Conferencing Interactive Systems. We have different Interactive display solutions for education, classroom, business and government bodies.

An interactive screen is a computer driven device, allowing users to access and manipulate electronic files by means of a LCD display. You can use these solutions from white board to presentations to engineering applications and more right at the board.

At a very basic level, if your desktop is being shown on the display, simply double tap an icon and file will open. If your internet browser is being shown, simply touch the back button, and the browser will go back one page. In this manner, you would be interacting with mouse functionality. However, an interactive LCD can do much more than that. First and foremost, would be the creation of interactivity with your computer files.

You can have the board as a blank white surface, and fill it up with notes, just like a chalkboard. Or, you can display a file and annotate over it called as digital annotation. Then, when you are done, you can save the marked up file as an image to any mobile device with a tap. At that point, it is an electronic files that can be emailed, printed, saved for a later date or send them back to the Smart Boards during your next meetings.

Interactive displays/Smart boards

Advantages of Interactive LED Displays:

  • Better viewing experience
  • Shadowing on a projected image is eliminated
  • Discomfort to eyes due to  projector light will be eliminated
  • Much cleaner and crisp image can be produced
  • More durable display surface than traditional whiteboards
  • Effortless wiring and content sharing
  • Better use of functionalities like optional built in PC
  • Better breakthroughs with teams gathering meeting notes, documentation and inspiration in one digital workspace
  • Maximizes staff empower by collaborating across devices, offices and time zones
  • Enhances productivity and serious ROI
  • Maintenance cost is minimized

Large Format Displays (LFD)

Large Format Displays are designed for demanding applications with high durability and performance requirements. From communicating information to enhancing ambience, flat panel display monitor are the ideal complement to any retail store, lobby, control room, or other professional applications.

Peak XV Networks offers a selection of commercial large format LCD displays ranging in size, price, functionality and features.


Advantages of LFDs:

  • High-impact and ease
  • Ultra-thin bezels
  • Easy daisy-chaining
  • Video wall ready
  • Abundant connectivity options and simplified remote management
  • Stunning Resolution- Captivate audiences and command attention to detail in any environment. Vivid clarity, stunning resolution and outstanding image quality
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Commercial Grade with Purpose-built for the demands of high-impact 24/7 messaging, reliable up-time, greater efficiencies and your best ROI
Large Format Displays (LFD)