Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions in Bangalore

The widespread strategic reliance on networking among competitive businesses and the meteoric growth of the Internet and online services are strong testimonies to the benefits of shared data and shared resources. A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a flexible data communication system implemented as an extension to or as an alternative for a wired LAN within a building or campus. Wi-Fi enables campuses to build robust WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). WLAN offers Anytime-Anywhere access to network and resources.

The dramatic increase in the number of Wi-Fi enabled notebook computers and Compatible client devices available worldwide is leading to the rapid deployment of WLANs across enterprise campuses and remote locations. The big advantage of Wi-Fi is its simplicity. You can connect computers anywhere in your home or office or schools without the need for wires. The computers connect to the network using radio signals, and computers can be up to 100 feet or so apart.


Our flexible Wi-Fi solution enables enterprises, manufacturing industries and educational institutions to:

  • Setup easy, scalable, better working capabilities, while encouraging collaboration
  • Access network resources anywhere and at anytime
  • Overcome geographic and structural barriers that prevent wired network deployment
  • Avoid the expenses of hard-wiring and retrofitting older buildings
  • Provide layers of built-in, strong security that protects both your wired and wireless network


As WLAN deployment expands into more applications and installation scenarios, a diverse line of wireless solutions are required to meet the associated capacity, coverage and environmental requirements.

Peak XV Networks offers newer technology wireless mobility solutions in Bangalore with maximum speed and securely-encrypted data seamlessly throughout the entire office complex, industries, schools, colleges, and university campuses. You can achieve better capacity load balancing with dual band access points where 5GHz capable clients to shift that band leaving much more crowded 2.4GHz readily available.

Peak XV provides cost effective solutions with low cost of ownership. Our Mobility platform or Access points are drawn from leading industry Wi-Fi devices manufacturers like Cisco, Linksys, D-link, Aruba, Ruckus, Netgear, TP-Link to name a few.