Network Integration

Information Systems Management
IT Network Management
IT Infrastructure
Structured/Intelligent Cabling

Peak XV Networks offers solutions for network assessment, design and optimization of Core Routing and switching solutions from different manufacturers. We provide network integration services in Bangalore, where we evaluate and understand the network to be implemented, after which we plan a blue print of the entire network design to be implemented. The blue print includes rack diagram, network map, cabling structure, quantity, type and location of the network devices, IP addressing structure, overall network security process.  Peak XV Networks is having the global network engineering expertise to develop new services and capabilities more quickly and efficiently.

Our IT infrastructure solutions in Bangalore are the most cost effective solutions when you are looking to satisfy your demands of building dependable networks. We help build such networks, while upgrading legacy networks and delivering value-added services that allow you to maximize your investment.

Peak XV Networks engineers will be placed at the customer premises where end-to-end infrastructure operations and maintenance services can be provided seamlessly.

Our IT Infrastructure Management Services includes:

  • Firewall/UTM (Unified threat management) Configuration
  • Router Configuration, Monitoring & Management
  • VPN Configuration & Monitoring
  • Managing Workstations & Servers
  • Active Directory and Domain Servers
  • LAN Management
  • WAN Bandwidth Availability Monitoring
  • Operating System Administration
  • Backup Management & Restoration
  • Management of Upgrades & Patches
  • Network Analysis & Monitoring Solution
  • Bandwidth Management

Information Systems Management Services

We also offer the most cost-effective information security services in Bangalore, with our engineers are placed at customer premises, seamlessly providing end-to-end systems management services.


Our Services includes:

  • IT Hardware asset inventory including operating systems, memory, storage space, firmware version and licensing details
  • Monitoring and managing critical appliances like Servers, Storages, Printers and Workstations with failure prediction mechanisms
  • Software inventory including versions and licensing details
  • Managing Data/Information Security Software including antivirus, antimalware and definition updates
  • Regular backups and centralized data storage
  • Monitoring users’ activities
  • Usage and capacity monitoring
  • Reporting and tracking problems, as well as resolutions to those same problems

IT Network Management Services

Network Assessment

It is very vital to know the current status of any network to plan, design and scale the existing network for future needs. Network assessments helps corporate / large enterprises to baseline a set of metrics to determine overall performance of network.

Peak XV Networks team of certified and qualified engineers provide unbiased view of the entire network and network assessment. Our experienced engineers study the network, analyse availability versus requirements and provide recommendations as per the industry’s best practices.


Routing and Switching

Peak XV Networks tailors your network to meet budgetary requirements and provides high quality resources at reasonable prices. Our engineers work to understand customer’s goals and then apply their skills to ensure high quality project delivery and best of outcome.

Our Professional Services include both Custom and Packaged solutions. Being a vendor neutral company, the resulting design is best of breed and based solely on your needs.

Peak XV Networks concentrate on important key areas such as:

  • Network Fault Management-Probing the fault in a network, fault isolation, notify the fault for further analysis or for future reference and correct the faults encountered in the network
  • Configuration-Configuration of network devices to access resources, files, applications and database
  • Performance Optimization-Monitor and measure the existing network by means of various aspects and maintain the proper structure to accelerate the performance of network
  • Security Management-Provide access to devices and information resources to authorized individuals and to minimize the safety bottleneck wherever it is necessary
  • Accounting-Usage of network resources and information in a network

IT Infrastructure Solutions

In today’s digital world, enterprises are expecting operational excellence and resilience from any IT infrastructure. Well designed and structured IT infrastructure enables competitive advantage and optimizes business performance in a robust, agile business enterprises.

Peak XV Networks delivers unmatched quality service considering your company’s future growth in terms of employees and customers.Our solid infrastructure solutions provides you easy access and exchange the information across your organization yet secures information resources.


Change Management

Our approach to deal with change from the perspective of both the organization and the individual.


Capacity Planning

Peak XV Networks helps in Design and Estimation of data centre floor space, power supply requirements, cooling facilities and resources connectivity.


Cost Management

Peak XV Networks helps you Planning and controlling impending IT expenditures to help reduce the chance of going over budget.


Compliance Metrics

Peak XV Networks ensures that organizations are abiding by both industry regulations and government legislation as determined by the organization’s compliance framework.

Structured/Intelligent Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling is the backbone for transmitting Voice, Video and Data from one location to other. It is the foundation on which the entire IT Infrastructure of a network is built.

Peak XV Networks offers end to end integrated portfolio of high performance copper and fibre cable management solutions from industry leading vendors for applications from enterprise data centres to personal computers.

We deal with end to end optical fiber cables where you connect longer distance, higher bandwidth and environmental exposure. We have proficient installers to tap fiber optics.

Computing Solutions

Server Deployments

Organizations depend on servers to achieve their business goals. We design and deploy servers and software for large enterprises, corporate and institutions which help you shorten the time to plan, implement and reduce integration-associated risks. You gain the ability to adopt new technology more quickly and improve end-user service levels.


Domain Architecture Deployments

By deploying Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in your environment, you can take advantage of the centralized, delegated administrative model and single sign-on (SSO) capability that AD DS provides. After you identify the deployment tasks and current environment for your organization, you can apply the AD DS deployment strategy that meets your organization’s needs. Active Directory makes it easier for administrators to manage and deploy network changes and policies to all of the machines connected to the domain.