Our Team

Our Management Team

Peak XV Networks has a superior group of committed individuals, who will help you to strategize, formulate decisions and provide guidance in an effective manner towards the organisation’s goal.

Our Management offers the perfect combination of knowledge, skills and the desire to provide you incredibly dynamic solutions that will be uniquely recognizable.

Our Project Management Team

Peak XV Networks has benefitted from experienced strong, active and dedicated engineers to Inter-Nationally distributed senior management team.

Our Project management team works on your plans, scopes and prioritizes them. Our team calculates budget and resources well in advance so that the project can realistically be completed as per prior commitments.

Our Employees

As an IT technology company, we strongly believe our people are our most valuable resource and their field’s knowledge and expertise play an important role in achieving our vision and mission.

We strive to develop the knowledge and skills of our professional staff, of which young, experienced graduates. Many of our employees have important technical qualifications to ensure smooth delivery of the company’s activities.

Peak XV Networks performs above the benchmark in the parameters satisfaction, motivation and loyalty. In addition, our employees have a strong belief in Peak XV Networks and in its strategy. We ask our employees about their opinion to guide us in making an even better place to work. Even though we are very pleased with the results, we are continuously working to improve.